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  U.S.硅谷的内部人员告诉 BBC ,社交媒体公司故意让顾客沉迷于他们的产物以从当中得到经济实惠。

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  Aza Raskin from the Centre for Humane Technology said social media companies deliberately use addictive technology in their apps in order to lure us in to spending as much time on their platforms as possible.

  人文本事大旨(Centre for Humane Technology)的阿扎·Ruskin说,社交媒体公司故意在他们的应用程序中选择令人上瘾的本事,以吸引大家尽量多地呆在他们的平台上。

  Aza Raskin invented the endless scroll – the app feature that means you don't have to click to get to the next page and can keep scrolling for far longer than maybe necessary or healthy.


  Aza says he did not intend to hook users with it but says the business model of many social media companies is designed to maximise user time online. He says this encourages designers to come up with technological tricks that hook users.


  Sandy Parakilas, who was a platform operations manager at Facebook in 2011 and 2012, said there was definitely an awareness that Facebook was habit-forming when he worked at the company.

幸运飞艇开奖app下载,  Sandy·帕拉吉拉斯在 二零一三年和 二〇一二年间负责推特的阳台运转老总,他说他在任期间,公司内部确实开采到照片墙轻易让客户上瘾。

  Facebook and Instagram have told the BBC that their apps are designed to bring people together and that they never set out to create addictive products.

  推特(Twitter卡塔尔(قطر‎和Facebook告诉 BBC他们的应用程序的安排观念是让大家聚在一块,而还没想付出令人上瘾的制品。


  deliberately 故意地

  lure 诱惑,吸引

  platforms 平台

  endless scroll Infiniti下拉滚动

  hook 勾住,吸引住

  business model 商业方式

  awareness 意识、认识

  habit-forming (活动)易成瘾的

  addictive 招人上瘾的


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